About me

Last update: 11/16/2012

I am a GIS analyst for Seven Islands Land Company, a timberland management firm in Maine.  I spend most of my work days staring at a computer screen making maps, scrubbing data, programming custom tools, building spreadsheets and generating reports.  I have been with Seven Islands since the winter of 2000. 

I have a son Kyle, age 26 who is a graduate of Guilford College in NC.  He is currently living in Louisville, KY with his wife Maria.

Carole, my best friend and life partner since 1995 has 2 adult children.  Nicholas lives in NYC but has been working in China and Sierra has moved to Naples FL and works for a helicopter service center.  Carole works for Eastern Maine Medical Center as a Registered Nurse.  Her current position is in the Pediatric ICU.

Years (read decades) ago I my passion sports were winter camping, rock climbing and ice climbing.  Thing is, life has a way of distracting us from those passions.  My diversion was wonderful but short marriage to Tamzen, mother of our son Kyle.  Tamzen tragically passed away when Kyle was 4. 

As my life situation changed I found myself looking for the passion I used to have for adventure sports so I started to go hiking more.  Soon I got involved with white water kayaking.  This took me to some of the best white water rivers on the east coast from Maine to Georgia. 

Somewhere along the way I started to run.  Not much at first - just a mile or 2, then 4, and 6.  I was drawn to running - it was simple, elegant, and challenging.  Not long after I started running, I decided a marathon would be a fun and challenging thing to do, so in 2004 I signed up for and ran my first marathon at Mt. Desert Island.  From that day on, I have been addicted to endurance sports.  As of the end of 2011, I have run 17 marathons, a 50 mile ultra, 6 half marathons, and 7 triathlons including 2 half iron distance.  My biggest running achievement so far has been qualifying for the Boston Marathon twice in the same year then running it.  I am registered to run it again in 2012.

If that were not enough, my greatest accomplishment so far has to be finishing Ironman Lake Placid in July of 2011.  As few as 2 years ago I never thought I could complete something that big.  But finish I did and ahead of my anticipated time.  I finished in daylight in 12:40:04.  That is something I got to do again.  Current plan is to sign up this summer for the same event in 2013 when I am 55 years old.

Seems pretty amazing to think that in 1992 I pulled myself out of an alcoholic daze and have been sober since.  Then in May of 1996 I quit smoking cigarettes, ending a 22 year habit.  Now, to go out and run for 2 to 3 hours on a weekend is almost routine.  Isn't life amazing......

Run Strong