Wednesday, January 11

Waiting for something...

It has been a very long time since my last post.  Much has happened yet nothing has changed.  

After Ironman Lake Placid I took a few weeks off from everything except eating and sleeping.  No runs and no bike for a couple of weeks.  Felt good actually.  It had been over a year since my last break in training.  But with the Mt Desert Island Marathon looming in October, I knew I needed to get started again. 

It didn’t take long for me to start wanting to skip workouts.  That was disappointing to say the least.  One of my teammates at EN started a 30 runs in 30 days challenge so I joined in the fun.  The first week of daily runs included mostly easy miles and some walking as I tried to rehab a tight calf.  By the second week things were going well.  The MDI marathon came near the end of week 3 and up to that point my longest run was 16 miles.  I had never run a marathon on so few miles and I was very unsure how it would go.  The run challenge ended at 30 days with me only missing 2 days – the first was in the first week and the second was the day after the marathon.  In all I ran 28 times in 30 days and accumulated 214 miles. 

The MDI marathon went much better than I ever would have imagined.  I did a good job of holding back the first 5 miles or so but then decided to go hard and see if I could maintain thru the end and I did.  Overall time was 3:34 – my 3rd fastest finish out of 17 marathons run so far.  Not bad for only doing random runs and no real plan.

Run Strong

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