Monday, August 5

Tough day, many issues but I could not quit.  That would be completely unacceptable to me.

Results:       14:40:36      Overall
Swim          1:24:58 –     PR by 3:37
Bike           8:07:31 –     multiple mechanicals (5 flats, burred rim, cut tire)
Run            4:53:45 –     Gut issue and cold (shivering near hypothermic)

T1             0:07:33 –     under 8 minute goal
T2             0:06:49 –     no longer racing after 87 minutes of mechanicals

Executive summary:
  • Had a good swim, liked the new rolling start, happy with the results.  Peed 3 times.
  • Bike was a mental challenge – double flat on the decent, 3 more flats before Ausable due to cut in the tire. Blown gasket in my inflator. New tire at beginning of lap 2.  Peed 3 times. 
  • Run started fine but between the minor GI issues and getting cold from the rain I walked about an hour from 17.5 to 22.4 trying to fix my gut and metabolism.  Ran strong the last 4 miles. Peed 2 times. Finished with a big smile.

Ø  Post-race weight was 1.2 lbs under pre-race, i.e. good hydration management.
Ø  No cramping or other muscular issues from fatigue &/or sodium.
Ø  Stayed in my box and managed the day as it came, kept a positive attitude.
Ø  Need to find a better calorie solution for the run to avoid GI issues and bonking.


Extended version:
Pre Race: 3:15 AM wakeup. PBJ @ 3:30. 20 oz Infinite w/ 250 cal @ 6 AM


My dumb mistake of the day was putting my wetsuit on backwards!  In my rush to get ready, I somehow got my suit on wrong and didn’t notice, nor did anyone point it out.  Not even the team as we gathered for the team photo.  It wasn’t till I was at the lake and tried to zip up that it became blatantly obvious.  No harm done but I sure felt STUPID!! 

Swim @ 1:24:58 (goal: 1:21)  PR by 3:57

Lined up just behind the 1:10 – 1:20 sign thinking I was @ 1:22ish.  As the wave was staged to go next I realized I was behind the wrong sign.  I should be 10 minutes further back behind the 1:21-1:30 sign.  Doh!  I slid back to near the back of the group and went off with them anyway. 

Most contact was harmless and incidental although I did have to deal with several zigzag swimmers.  If they could only swim straight…. The only contact of significance was half way back on the first lap I was getting lapped by the fast peeps &/or pros.  I felt this paw the size of a catchers mitt grab my shoulder and pull so hard it felt like I went backwards… the guy goes “Sorry dude” and blew by me.   

I swam comfortable most of the way realizing it was going to be a long day and killing myself early for 4 minutes wasn’t worth it.  I also paused to pee 3 times while swimming.

T1 @ 7:33 (goal: 08:00)

Helmet (glasses mounted like visor), convertible jacket, shoes, guzzle 20 oz Infinite w/ 250 cal and go.  Felt smooth.  A volunteer packed my swim gear for me, thanks!

Bike 8:07:31 (goal: 6:25)

Not the bike I planned on but I dealt with the mechanical issues with a smile and focused determination.  Start with 900 cal/1200 Na in 40 oz. SpeedFill and 24 oz. H2O between the bars.

Leaving T1 and the ride out of town was uneventful.  Chatted with Jeff Sullivan a bit about the “Ricky Racers” standing and hammering up the ski jump hill to Adirondack Lodge Rd.  The decent to Keene started fine, roads not too wet.  Didn’t want to get too aggressive and ended up with a top speed of 44.7 on the first big hill.

Between the first big drop and the last big drop where the grade eases off is where my day really started.  I had just dipped my head for a second to stretch my neck and when I look up, something black the size of a brick (pavement?) was right there and unavoidable.  I ran it over and got 2 flats!.  Both tires in a millisecond doing 29.5 mph @ mile 12.3.  Good thing is I least I didn’t crash or hit another cyclist.

I think OK, no PR today, just fix the flats and get back to work.  Pull the front wheel and look over the tire – no noticeable cuts or anything, change the tube and inflate.  Pull the back wheel, look it over, seems fine.  Second tube on and inflated.  Back on the road.  Both spare tubes gone but still have 2 CO2 cartridges.  Time lost: 17:21

Round the corner in Keene and start up the first roller (mile 16.6) and Bangsssssshhhhh … again!  Front wheel, I’m thinking it must have been a bad install and a pinch flat.  First bike by me is a French gent – asks if I need anything, gives me a long stem tube – perfect, thanks!   Change the tube and go to inflate – PSSSSHHHHhhhhhhhssss.  WFT?  The gaskets in my inflator blew out!  Totally non-repairable out there.  One minute later Woody pulls up and helps me out and I get rolling again.  Time lost 13:11

As I pass the first aid station (mile 17.4) and Bangsssssshhhhh! For real?  This time it takes awhile to get a tube.  Waiting for support, I spend my time trying find the reason my tires keep blowing – spokes, rim tape etc..  Eventually I find a dimple in the rim and a burr on the inside from the what ever I hit on the decent.  Get a volunteers Leatherman and file the burr smooth.  Support truck shows up, gives me a tube and a pump to get me rolling again.  Time lost 26:36

Just past Jay heading for Ausable Forks and it happens again (mile 25.8).  Off the bike, pull the wheel and since I need to wait for assistance (no tubes, CO2 or inflator) I am determined to find the cause of all my flats.  Pull the tire off completely and go over it inch by inch – inside and out, until I find the angled cut, not visible on the tire unless it is flexed or inflated.  At least now I am certain I know the cause and proceed to get ready with a boot for when the support truck shows up.  I get the tire booted and inflate to only 100lb and start off again.  Time lost: 18:15

In hindsight I should have looked at the tire after inflation the first time. I would have seen the blister on the shoulder of the tread.  Also of concern was using the front brake.  There was just enough contact that it might contribute to another blowout.  At this point I know I cannot chance a second decent into Keene unless I replace the tire. Support truck suggested I stop outside the transition and ask for bike-tech, so that’s the plan.

Quick stop (1:49) in Jay (mile 35.3) to pee before the climb back to Placid.  Despite all the stops and waiting, I stay on my nutrition/hydration plan for the time I am riding.  Five sips Infinite every 15 minutes, water in-between.  Before each aid station I try to drain my water bottle, toss it and get a fresh one.  I holler to the EN tent on my way by to let my wife know I had 5 flats but was otherwise OK.  The GroupMe app is an awesome tool for team updates!  Quick stop at BSN (1:08) refill my SpeedFill with 900 cal/1200 Na.

Back at Transition I call for bike-tech but was told there were no bike-techs there.  Next stop is my condo @ mile 56.7 to get a new tire I had there.  Wife Carole is heartbroken at my run of bad luck but admires my up-beat disposition and determination to go on. She was concerned I would be DQed for stopping but I knew I could not chance the decent to Keene without a new tire, so I had to stop. With a new tire on, I am rolling again.  Time lost: 12:16

The rest of the ride is un-eventful.  Stay focused on my watts, keep up on the nutrition and hydration.  One stop in Jay before the return climb to pee again (2:00).

Ø  Looking at my official clock splits and subtracting the flat related stopped time, my splits were very good.  Comparing the ‘out’ sections from Transition to Ausable my adjusted splits were within +1:29 @ 1:29:51 vs 1:31:20.  The ‘return’ sections from Ausable to Transition were within +0:23 @ 1:49:09 vs 1:49:32.  While not a negative split between full laps, it was minimal @ +1:52! 

Ø  The total adjusted numbers show a 6:39:52 bike split but it does not take into account the time taken to accelerate from zero to 18ish mph after each flat stop.  More importantly, because of all the delays, I basically had a solo ride.  I rode without any kind of competitive influence from other cyclists.  The only bikes near me for most of the day were slower riders.  I think a 6:30 was possible had circumstances been different. 

Ø  In the end, I did well to stay in my box and work the problems as they happened and let the day come to me.

Power stats:

Garmin 500 (includes all stopped time)    Time: 8:08:10
NP: 146      VI: 1.15        IF: 0.683     AP: 127       TSS: 346

Joule 2.0    (excludes speed = 0)        Time: 6:45:14 (8:08:02)    
NP: 150      VI: 1.07        IF: 0.7       AP: 140       TSS: 330

Peak 1 min   @ 201 (0.83)                    Papa Bear               2nd lap
Peak 5 min   @ 167 (0.78) [4th gear]     The Bears                     1st lap
Peak 10 min @ 165 (0.77)              Ski Jumps past ADK Lodge Rd    2nd lap
Peak 20 min @ 160 (0.75) [3rd gear]     Condo past ADK Lodge Rd       2nd lap
Peak 60 min @ 152 (0.72) [2nd gear]     turn on Hazelton to Mirror Lake Dr 1st lap

T2 @ 6:49 (goal: 03:00)  After all the mechanicals I no longer felt I was racing so no urgency.

Took a minute to change from Tri shorts to run shorts, then sock and shoes.  Also changed from convertible jacket to dry vest.  Hat had glasses and Gu in a bag to carry out of T1.

Run @ 4:53:45 (goal 3:59 to 4:10 @ 9:09 – 9:30)

The run was comparatively more mundane although I did have some issues.  Out of the transition all was good, pace slightly fast but going stupid slow on the downhill is tough.  Pace for miles 1 thru 6 was @ 9:12, not quite goal + 30 but I felt relaxed.  Plan was to Gu every 4 miles and walked all the aid stations (usually 30 steps, left foot). 

Removed the vest after less than a mile – too hot.  Stopped at mile 8 to pee (1:13) The gut felt fine till turn-around on Mirror Lake Dr.  Nothing bad but knew I had to fix it soon.  My first walk was at mile 12.5, just past Lisa G’s and up to the condo where Carole was, I stopped to chat and stretch (4:10).  I was getting chilled and realized not only was my gut shutting down, but I was getting behind on calories.  One mile later at the fairgrounds it started to rain making me colder.  Turning onto the River Rd all I could think of was getting a plastic bag or something to warm me up – I was beginning to shiver while running.  I was happy to see a volunteer with space blankets by the foot bridge.  With the blanket wrapped around me I continued to run, stopping to get coke and water and thought I was doing OK. 

Just past the turn-around (mile 18) I bonked.  Shivering with cold, light headed, a sour gut, and walking.  Not good.  I go for the chicken soup and have trouble keeping it down – I didn’t barf but sure felt like it was close.  More Coke and water.   Next I try a banana – nope.  Coke and Coke.  More chicken soup with Coke.  Peed at mile 19.

It seemed like such a long walk from the turn-around to the ski jumps.  Eventually I got my gut and metabolism back up and functioning near the turn on 73.  I was determined to get running again, starting at the top or the ski jump hill.  I unwrap from the blanket and get going.  Drop the blanket at the next aid station, 2 cokes and go. 

I was back.  Running strong and focused.  Only walked 20 seconds at the aid stations and the middle section of the ‘townie’ hill.  The rest of the time I tuned out the crowd and just ran, felt good too.

Run Stats:

Miles 1 – 6         @ 09:12
Miles 7 – 18        @ 10:56
Miles 19 – 22.4     @ 15:30
Miles 22.4 – 26.2   @ 09:30

Run nutrition likely needs some work.  While this plan has always been fine for stand alone marathons where I was fully fueled at the start, in an Ironman run I am not.  I absolutely needed more calories this time and was not able to get them in.  I did manage to Gu @ 4, 8 and 13 but I could tell I was running behind on calorie.  Getting cold compounded the calorie deficit.  Cole helped a lot but took a while to kick in.

I don’t’ think I had a sodium imbalance from a neuromuscular perspective as I had no cramping or twitching during or after the event.  There may have been a need for some Na for GI related needs.  I will definitely have to work on finding a calorie solution that includes more Na for the run.  Chicken soup may have helped here but both times I drank it, I felt like projectile vomiting was inevitable.  Fortunately that didn’t happen.

Overall I think I did well in execution.  I had many challenges thru the day but I didn’t let any of them interfere with my state of mind.  I did not let the setbacks cause me to force the day, I just kept moving and let the day come to me.  After all my motto is:

 “Go until you stop.  If you’re not done, go some more.”

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