Friday, October 22

Friday’s are long…

That’s because I drive to Ashland for the day as part of my job. I go there to provide technical support to the staff in the field office. Five hours of driving…. Seven hours of work. Like I said, long day.

The big news is I joined Endurance Nation for online coaching and support as I begin the long training cycle leading up to Ironman Lake Placid, aka IMLP or IMUSA. More about EN another time. Suffice it to say their methods are different than the typical ‘build your base’ that I have always followed but I drank the Kool-Aid and I liked it.

What I did want to talk about is my ‘Pain Cave’ where I will be spending a lot of time – 20 weeks worth starting November 1. I have a treadmill I bought several years ago, but for long course training I needed to add a bike trainer. I figured I would gain more in terms of functional speed, power, and endurance by training with power than I would if I spent twice as much on a fancy looking carbon fiber tri-bike.

The trainer is the Cycleops Fluid 2 – got it at Bar Harbor Bike last week. Joe gave me a great deal and saved me like 15% off list! The last sweet addition is my Power Tap Pro+ power meter. Got it from They put it in a Velocity Deep V with bladed spokes and wheel covers to make a pseudo disk wheel. Yeah, lots of $$ for all that bike bling. I tell ya, building an outfit for long course tri racing is EXPENSIVE!

Since the marathon, I have not run at all. I did 25 minutes on the trainer last night mostly to try an figure out how to use the PM and the WKO+ software. With 1 more week before my OS (20 week out season) starts, I plan to do a few short intervals on the trainer and several 20 to 30 minute runs. If the weather is reasonable, I’ll run outside. But if it is 43* and raining, I am going to have to put the time in on the DeadMill – uugggg.

Next update late Sunday or Monday, till then….

Run Strong

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Caratunk Girl said...

Your Fridays are tough, that is for sure.

And yes, it is costly to build up the gear for the IM, right?? Not that I have built up any gear yet, but I have been looking.

Enjoy the break of the off season. You are going to be busting your butt soon enough!