Friday, October 15

Winding down

Final 5 miles last night- all Z1. The stars were out and it was a delightful 46*. Fifteen minutes after I got back I went to fire up the grill for a juicy steak and was surprised it was raining. The weather guy said it wouldn’t rain till late overnight. Glad I beat it home.

Forecast for Sunday's race is clear skies, with a light NW breeze at 10 mph. Temps at gun time 42* and likely 48* for my finish. They just don't make marathon weather any better than that. It's going to be an absolutely perfect day for a run!

Run Strong


Caratunk Girl said...

Good luck this weekend Steve!!

TreeMapper said...

Thanks Mandy. Too bad you wont be able to make it. Isn't this is the second time you were forced to bail on MDI for injuries?