Wednesday, October 27

How hard can that be?

I looked at the pre-season schedule to see what I could do to get ready for the Out Season (OS).  I just finished a marathon and only had 1 week to prepare, but the sheet had 4 weeks of buildup.  So, where do I start?  Even week 3, the toughest week, didn’t seem all that difficult – I decided I’d begin there. 

The bike session was simple enough, WU 10’, MS 3x8’ (5) @ z4, CD.  I mean really – it will be less than 45 minutes.  I can do most anything for 45 minutes, right?  Three minutes into my first interval I realized I was in trouble.  I thought I started EASY, but now I’m I feel like I’m gonna die and I still have 4 ½ minutes to go!  Somehow, the 5 minute recovery only took 2 minute (seemed like it anyway) and I was back mashing the pedals.  Second interval went better – started even easier (wimpier) and had better cadence.  By the end of the third, I was done – I mean totally spent – toast – wiped out – finished!  And it looks so easy on paper…….hmmmm.

I am beginning to wonder about the test next week.  That will be a KILLER.  After warm-up, it is 2x20’ (2) @ z4 effort.  That’s 40 minutes going as hard as I can with next to no break at all.  The general plan is to go so hard you puke just as you end!  I keep reading about how you need to have a trash can by the bike just in cased.  Nastiness……

Pushup Challenge – yeah that’s hard too.  I tested yesterday and managed to get 30 good form pushups before I collapsed right there.  Good thing there wasn’t a puddle of drool – though I suspect when I get farther along there might be…… yuk! 

Today at work I started the program.  According to the rules, 30 pushups has me at level 4 (what ever that means) starting on week 3.  So today I did 14, 18, 14, 14, and 20 for a total of 80.  The last 20 were hard.  I wonder how sore I will be come tomorrow……

Tonight is a run night.  The plan calls for 50’ at z2 with 5x20” strides.  Most likely it will be around 6 miles.  I just hope it isn’t pouring rain when I get home.  Unlike some others (Caratunk Girl), I don’t enjoy running in the rain all that much.

Run Strong

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