Monday, December 6

Day off... tired arms....

Got home today to find 10" of heavy snow piled everywhere.  It was just warm enough to make it sticky... perfect for making snowmen but I needed to shovel it from the walks and deck.  Fortunately, I got hold of our plow guy today.  He showed up just as I was clearing the front walk. 

Last year we were the proud recipients of a tractor mounted snow-blower.  Seemed great... at first....till we realized it shot rocks (we have a gravel driveway) at everything within 60'.  Hit the house, the car, everywhere..... took some learning how not to hit stuff.  Then in the spring, instead of having a pile of gravel at the end of the driveway from the plow guy, we had rocks and gravel covering the lawn - the entire lawn within 50' or so of the driveway..... man did that ever suck!

First snows always cause issues.... today it was warm soft ground under the snow.  The plow guy was ripping up piles of dirt, gravel, grass and mud everywhere he put his blade - and that was with the skid set down 2".  In the end, it was a good thing he came.  I don't think I would have finished without him doing the drive. 

Start the arms quivering...
After dinner it was to the 100 pushup challange.  On Sunday I re-tested and managed to step into Week 6, Column 2.  So I started in and got it done.... not pretty, very hard....needed 5 - 10 minutes between sets, especially the max set. Took 60 minutes to do the whole thing.

40/50/25/25/50=190 fewer pushups than last week but seemed much harder with longer sets.
Looking over W6-C2, seems like it is built with a taper - D2 & D3 have less total than D1. May need to do something funky like this:

C2-D1 >> 40/50/25/25/50
C3-D1 >> 45/55/35/30/55
C4-D1 >> 50/60/45/35/60

I guess we will just have to see how this goes.....


Carole said...

It was nice to come home to a plowed driveway, shoveled walkway and deck.

Caratunk Girl said...

You got way more snow than we did.

That 100 push-up challenge sounds like a killer!