Friday, December 10

Running in the snow....yeah, not happening

Tuesday: bike brick

Seems to be no shortage of stuff to do with all the holiday festivities to prep for. Last night was no exception - worked later than usual, shopping after work, then decorate (lights) and hang 48" wreath on the garage, mess with the wood stove.... spend time with DW.....

Finally got to the bike after 9PM. Didn't finish the deadmill session till 10:45 and dinner was at 11 with the evening news. I would have liked to start at 7:30 but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Good session. Pushed the watts and held strong, no fade. Limited my soft peddle to only the first minute of the recovery, then aim at Z2 for the other 3 minutes.

15' @ 213w; IF 1.063; VI 1.01; Cd 83; HR 151
15' @ 211w; IF 1.057; VI 1.0; Cd 83; HR 162
20' @ 175w; IF 0.876; VI 1.0; Cd 84; HR 148

Total bike 1:10:21 @ 187w; IF 0.937; VI 1.07; Cd 79; HR 145

The run was OK too. Not sure I get the strides thing... holding good form is something I think about for every run at every pace. The only time I let my form slip is when I am so fatigued that I can't run tall. Began near Z1 pace then upped the speed after 3 minutes to my comfort pace (30 secs faster). The last 10 were at Z2.

Run 25:10 @ 8:23; 3 miles; Cd 84; HR 157

Wednesday: run intervals
Hoping to find a track to run on tonight.... don't like intervals on the deadmill....... then there is reality... But first I had to get the Christmas tree in and standing among other things.

I really wanted to run outside but the roads were all frozen slush and snow on the shoulders and the UMO track had 10" of untracked snow - I guess they don't plow the track..... so, into the pain cave - nothing but fun and party lights down there.... Last Samurai on DVD for distraction.

2 mile warmup then the main set. Did half mile recovery between and at the end. Six miles total.

0.5 @ 7:19; HR 171; Cd 88
1.0 @ 7:19; HR 173; Cd 88
1.0 @ 7:19; HR 173; Cd 88

overall 6.0 @ 8:37; HR 157; Cd 81

The best part was how easy my 8:20 pace felt between sets.

Thursday: bike intervals with a challenge by Coach P to really push the watts 

Late comer to the party but I'm happy to say I had a great ride too. Thanks Coach P for the license to crush!

Tested into the OS at 183 FTP but realized after a few rides it was just plain off. So I did a SWAG and came up with 200 which is what I have been pushing watts above there since. Well, at Coach P's urging I set my sights for 215 and I was not disappointed.

10' @ 218; IF 1.089; VI 1.0; HR 156; Cd 84
10' @ 217; IF 1.084; VI 1.0; HR 166; Cd 84
10' @ 220; IF 1.098; VI 1.0; HR 168; Cd 84
20' @ 184; IF 0.922; VI 1.0; HR 155; Cd 86

Total 1:14:56 @ 192; IF 0.958; VI 1.08; HR 150; Cd 80

Pretty sweet session. Loved the consistency between intervals.

Friday: rest day.... except for the 190 push-ups

After 3 days of repeating W6-C2-D1... struggling the entire time, I was able to finish but just barely. Most sets were with 60" rest except the Max set - needed 2 minutes to recover enough to go 50.
40/50/25/25/50=190  Third time is magic!

Not sure If I am ready to move on yet. Thing is, to finish by Christmas I am going to need to really push. So from above:

C2-D1 >> 40/50/25/25/50
C3-D1 >> 45/55/35/30/55 << next up
C4-D1 >> 50/60/45/35/60

Last thing tonight was the lights.....

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