Sunday, December 12

Sunday Week 6 wrap up

Saturday Brick

Got my work done this afternoon but had to put on a dinner for my wife's coworker and spouse - lots of SAU's there. Jay, our guest is also training for IMLP too so we had lots of kewl training stuff to talk about. Talked a lot about how great I think EN is. He seemed interested. Also offered to have him over for a FTP test - EN style on Thursday..... should be fun (for me!)

Definitely up to the challenge that Coach P put out there (wanted everyone to push watts as big as possible to see what you could get)....I never seem to be able to say no. On Thursday, the first part of the challenge,  I averaged 218 over the 3x10's. Today I got that and more.

The workout called for 2x12 FTP plus 2x15 @ Z3 - did the Z3 as 1x30 instead

12' @ 224; IF 1.119; VI 1.0; HR 164; Cd 88
12' @ 221; IF 1.104; VI 1.0; HR 167; Cd 85
30' @ 185; IF 0.923; VI 1.0; HR 155; Cd 87
total bike 1:16:37 @ 190; IF 0.949; VI 1.12; HR 150; Cd 80

Run targets 7:30 out, 7:20 back on the deadmill

7:45, 7:38, 7:20
Run total 23:08; 3.0 miles; HR 174; Cd 85

So, not only did I push bigger watts today for the Z4 intervals, but also pushed watts for the Z3 efforts AND hit my run targets off the bike! I am psyched! Look out Week 8 FTP test!

Suffering Sunday....

Like a lot of others at EN, I'm feeling Coach P's "could" workouts too. Almost wimped out and called it a week without the Sunday run. Then I was wondering how could I do that? Certainly wouldn't pass the straight-face test.....

Pouring rain most all afternoon so deadmill it is. Easy warm up and MS then a final 0.25 to finish 5.0

1.5 @ 7:19; HR 170; Cd 88
1.5 @ 7:19; HR 174; Cd 87
total 5.0 @ 8:18; HR 168; Cd 81

Looking forward to a day off. really need it.

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