Wednesday, December 15

Wednesday Wrapup

Monday Pushups

This week I jumped from W6-C2-D1 to W6-C3-D1. Seemed easier on paper than for real. I did get the sets done, but like the past few weeks, the Monday sets are not timed. I take as much time as I need to recover enough to make the next set. Today was no different. Took most of 45 minutes from start to end - almost 20 minutes was recovery for the last Max set.

I am starting to realize that the trouble I am having is because the longer sets end up being anaerobic and I just don't have the tolerance to that kind of work. Wednesday I will need to tighten up the rest periods for the main set.

45/55/35/30/55=220 Ouch!

Tuesday Bike Brick

With the holidays fast approaching I find myself thouroughly enjoying my time in the pain cave. Last night I was having so much fun I went a little long on the drainer and deadmill.

As per Coach P’s guidance, I went back to my current FTP numbers for the FT set but ended up over cooking the 85% stuff a bit. Initially I planned the 85% to be right at 85% for 20 minutes. I was watching “Fellowship of the Ring” and got distracted. It felt so good I just kept with it till I felt like stopping – ended up with 30 minutes at 90%.....

My run was similar. Plan was for 30 at Z1…. After a minute or 2 of WU, I settled in at Z1 minus 30 seconds and held it for 5 miles. Was nice to just run. I miss it and need to do more. Intervals can be fun, sure, but nothing beats just running for the sake of running……

Interval 2:
Duration: 15:02 (15:03)
Work: 182 kJ
TSS: 25.6 (intensity factor 1.01)
Norm Power: 202
VI: 1

Interval 4:
Duration: 15:01
Work: 185 kJ
TSS: 26.4 (intensity factor 1.027)
Norm Power: 205
VI: 1

Interval 6:
Duration: 30:02
Work: 323 kJ
TSS: 40.4 (intensity factor 0.899)
Norm Power: 180
VI: 1

Entire workout (172 watts):
Duration: 1:21:25 (1:21:45)
Work: 841 kJ
TSS: 113.9 (intensity factor 0.919)
Norm Power: 184
VI: 1.07

Run 41:31; 5.0 miles @ 8:20 ..... can't wait to be free to run longer.....

Wednesday Bike

Had to switch Wednesday's run with Thursday's bike so my friend can come over and do an EN style FTP test tomorrow.  So, second day in a row for bike intervals is HARD shit.  Struggled from the beginning - go tit done but really had to work at it.

Zone 4 Intervals:
   Duration:   10:02          10:02         10:02
   Work:       123 kJ         124 kJ        124 kJ
   TSS:        17.7 (1.028)   17.7 (1.027)  17.9 (1.035)
   Norm Power: 206            205           207
   VI:         1              1             1

Zone 3 Interval:
   Duration:   15:02 (15:03)
   Work:       158 kJ
   TSS:        19.5 (0.882)
   Norm Power: 176
   VI:         1

Entire workout (164 watts):
   Duration:   1:15:27
   Work:       743 kJ
   TSS:        100.3 (0.899)
   Norm Power: 180
   VI:         1.09

Tomorrow I get to run while Jay suffers for his first ever 2x20... gonna be fun (for me).

Pushups!  wonderful pushups!

It's Wednesday and it is late - had to get the bike workout in first. Then stupidly I started without looking at my workout, dumb.  Instead of 45/55 for the first 2 sets I did 40/50.  that forced me to add 5 to the next 2 sets for 40/35 that way I get the full count for the day.  The final set was killer - 55

Second go at W6-C3-D1  40/50/40/35/55=220

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