Sunday, November 21

Guests from away...


Been making some adjustments to the bike lately.  New seatpost by Profile Design, the Carbon FastForward.  A new seat, a San Marco that I got cheap from one of my new friends at Endurance Nation.  Flipped my stem over to lower the front and removed the last spacer too.  Total drop is now about 12cm.  It feels good while I am in the aero position but my lower back has developed a sore spot.  If it doesn't correct itself very soon or gets worse, I will need to undo some of the drop on the front end.  I'll just need to keep my eye on the fit for a while.

On to the bike portion of the workout.  Plan called for 2x10 @ Z4 plus 2x15 @ Z3 then finish the hour at Z3

2x10 @ 0.987, 0.997; Cd 82, 81
3x15 @ 0.862, 0.878, 0.915; Cd 85, 86, 88
Total bike - 1:28:13 @ 0.87, Cd 80

The run was to be 10 @ Z2 then 10 @ Z3.  This wko will be on the deadmill.

Run - 10:00 @ 7:49; 10:00 @ 7:30
Total 20:00 @ 7:40 for 2.61 mile, HR 172, Cd 85

No problems on the bike but the last 5 on the deadmill were tough.

My son Kyle and his fiance Maria arrived from Kentucky at dinner and we shared some homemade soup and caught up on how things were going and thier plans for the future......


... we planned an elegant brunch at the Lucerne Inn for today. That forced me to get up early and workout in the AM - something I hate to do, but it is for a good reason.

Warm up on the deadmill - 1 mile (should have been longer but...) then into the first of 2 half mile repeats at 7:19 felt OK. Big difference from doing them at the track. I noticed that at the track I push off every stride where as on the deadmill I feel like I am pulling when I land to keep up with the belt. Easy jog 400 then hit the speed button for the second repeat at 7:19. So far, all good.

Somewhere in the middle of the first mile repeat I felt my lower hamstring tense up. After a few more strides it was beginning to be almost painful and I was trying to alter my stride - thinking I should hit the kill switch and stop right there. I did continue (maybe foolishly) and finished the last quarter mile then walked a bit to recover. Instead of pushing and forcing the last mile repeat, I decided to run easy - at like 8:49 to see how that went. It continued to be tight but no sharp pains. I put in 1.5 miles that way and called it done.

2x0.5 @ 7:19
1x1 @ 7:19
1.5 @ 8:49 - not painful but definitly not fun either
Total run 48:57 @ 8:10; 6 miles

The brunch was awesome but my hammy still bothers me..... very hard rest tomorrow.

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