Wednesday, November 3

Running in circles better than hamster wheel

Ok Team – my 5K test is in the books:  Time = 21:29 | HR = 186 | vDot = 47.5

NovOS 5K vDot Test:
    Duration:                 21:29
    Work:                     n/a
    rTSS:                      44.7 (1.082)
    NGP:                      6:43 (239.4 m/min)
    Pa:HR:                   7.38%
    Distance:                3.193 mi
                                   Min     Max    Avg
    Heart Rate:             139     196     186     bpm
    Cadence:                50       100     91       rpm
    Speed:                    0         12.9    8.8      mph
    Pace                       4:39    0:00    6:50    min/mi
    Altitude:                  152     152     152     ft

Went to the U Maine track under the lights after work today.  Air temp 35* when I left home, 32* on return.  Started with a relatively short warm-up – 4 laps, gradually accelerating by feel, to a hard run for the last full lap.  Figured I’d be good to go so I walked for 2 minutes – likely a mistake to recover that long, 1 minute would have been better and kept me in check the first test lap.

Start the test and hit the gas.  By 200 meters I knew I went too fast.  By 400 I was on unsustainable pace of 6:03 and was forced to back down or blow up all together.  Second mile I dialed in to a pace I thought I could cling to at 6:52.  My third mile became excruciatingly difficult – eyes closed most of the way – pace slipping to 6:59.  Final half lap felt flat – no kick.  It took all I had just to not slow down any more but was surprised to find my pace slightly faster the last 200 at 6:48.

No vomit, but had some snot in my  moustache and slobber on my shirt.  Walked back to start line for water and decided to finish the 60 minutes running easy(er).  Did 16 more laps (4.14 miles) in 33:53.  I was surprised my 8:50 pace at the start crept faster as I recovered.  By the end of lap 16 my average pace was down to 8:14.  Total workout (WU, MS, CD) 63 minutes, 8.3 miles.

Mile 1 -  6:24 ~ HR=183 ~ IF=1.161 ~ Cad=93
Mile 2 -  6:49 ~ HR=186 ~ IF=1.067 ~ Cad=91
Mile 3 -  6:58 ~ HR=187 ~ IF=1.041 ~ Cad=89
Mile 3.2-  1:18 ~ HR=188 ~ IF=1.038 ~ Cad=90  (6:48)

Awesome test.  My previous vDot value of 44 was based on my recent Boston qualifying pace @ 3:32:57.  I thought a 5K effort would be slightly higher but I never expected it to be 48!  It also bumped my HR zones a bit to places that have always been too painful to do for long.  I guess I have to find a new level of misery to hit and hold my shinny new vDot/LTHR numbers.  Wahooeeeee!

Run Strong my friends, Run Strong


Carole said...

Great job but looking forward to cashing in on my SAU's!

TreeMapper said...

Actally I thought you owed me SAU's for getting you back to working out.... just sayin'

Caratunk Girl said...

Wow Steve, awesome job. I will have to tell you about my test, which I didn't do on the day I told you I was going to, but have my HR zones FINALLY!!