Friday, November 12

This weeks training sessions

After a long weekend of walking all of Brooklyn and lower Manhatten, it felt great to get back to something I understand - the pain cave. It was all I could think at work on Tuesday… wishing the day would end so I could go workup a big sweat.

Tuesday’s bike session was to be 3x8’ @ 183w plus 20’ @ 150w followed by 25’ run with 3x30” strides. I tried to stick to the plan as written but it was hard to hold the power down. I kept going too hard, over the target FTP.... All my results were more than 5% over even though I was trying to hold back. Maybe I need to redo my FTP test I did and reset my target numbers.

Entire bike workout:
Duration: 1:05:11
TSS: 87.9 (IF 0.903)
Norm Power: 165w

Entire run workout:
Duration: 26:00
rTSS: 34.3 (IF 0.858)
Distance: 3.093 mi
HR 153
Cadence: 82
Pace 8:25

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, that felt great!

Wednesday’s run
Running in the dark at the track on a chilly night 37*, 17 - 22 mph NE wind. The big lights were not on, just 2 general illumination lights but enough to see. The plan called for 3x800 with 400 recovery and 1x1600 tempo to complete the main set; then 25’ mod hard.

Tempo pace @ 7:05

WU: 10' - 2000m
#1 800m @ 6:57; IF 1.03, HR 169, Cd 92
#2 800m @ 6:57; IF 1.021, HR 179, Cd 92
#3 800m @ 7:15; IF 0.977, HR 176, Cd 91
#4 1600m @ 7:01; IF 1.003, HR 180, Cd 91

Base Volume 5000m 24:34 @ 8:19; IF 0.856, HR 171, Cd 86

Total workout
48:05 @ 7:55; IF 0.901, HR 173, Cd 87, Distance 10.2 Km

Solid run, only flaw was some fade during the second lap of #3. The final 5K included walking the first turn after the hard 1600m. So the overall average pace was great considering.

Thursday’s bike
Had trouble holding back again tonight. Had to stare at Borg (my power meter CPU) during both intervals to keep from really blowing the number out. For the final 40', I stopped looking and just pushed the peddles at a comfortably hard pace, one that I could run steady for an hour. Still had a lot left in the tank when I was done.

2x8 @ 183w + 40' @ 150w

#1 @ NP 197, IF 1.079, VI 1.02
#2 @ NP 186, IF 1.019, VI 0.99
40' @ NP 167, IF 0.912, VI 1

Total 1:15:13 @ NP 167, IF 0.912, VI 1.07

I'm getting more convinced my AM test missed the mark. I'll keep going for a while longer before I retest.

The initial test was done in the AM because they (the EN team) all profess that the plans were written to be done in the AM. But after just one morning routine, the FTP test, I don’t think I can do that. The nausea and fatige from the test lingered all day. I still felt like crap that evening. Workouts have to be at night…. In the dark….before I eat dinner. I just can’t do it in the morning. I have a hard enough time getting up for work, let alone getting up an extra 2 hours early. The second bad thing about AM workouts is that I spend the entire day sitting in a chair looking at a computer. The days I have done AM workouts I can’t stay awake at work. By 10 o’clock, my head is on my desk and I’m suffering from narcolepsy.

One last point. I am still new to all this training with power and pace. All the techno-bable and acronyms. So if workouts are posted in different formats, well that’s just me trying to figure out how best to get it out there.

Run strong my friends, run strong

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