Wednesday, November 10

NYC Weekend Recap...

Friday morning we boarded a flight from Bangor to LaGuardia. We were heading for NYC to spend some time with Nicholas Carole’s son, the engineer. 

We caught a cab and eventually made it to Akwaaba Mansion in Brooklyn.  Despite the cabby going the wrong way, he did zero the meter until we got back to LGA and heading the correct way.  Nice B&B, lots of history in that house.  After a bit we headed to the downtown area of Brooklyn to wait for Nick.  Wandering around brought us to the Brooklyn Bridge and got to see the NY skyline by night.  Dinner was at  Grimaldi’s Pizzeria .  Rated #1 best pizza in NYC.  There was a line of about 40 people waiting for a table at 9PM – lucky for us we jumped the line because we were the only party of 3 (the others were groups of 4,5 and more).  Great pizza. 

Saturday we spent a few hours at the Metropolitan Art Museum checking out all the kewl stuff. Well, some of it anyway.  A person could easily spend 2 or 3 days there. 

Then we rented some bikes and biked the entire Central Park – what a great way to see it.

Nick and Carole in Central Park

Then we headed down to lower Manhattan, Ground Zero, and the controversial mosque community center. 

 The mosque community centerhas to have NYPD standing guard 24/7 – tax dollars at work….

Headed to Brooklyn and Nicks apartment, dinner at a nice Italian bistro then off again to see where Nick works, a place called MakerBot – "Robots that make things".  The best way to describe what it: 3D printer that can make amazing plastic things.  Check it out!

Nick at his office

Sunday was another day of walking. First from Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge, along the lower east side waterfront.  Took a ‘water taxi’ ride around lower Manhattan and past the Statue of Liberty.  More walking up Wall Street and up thru Chinatown before jumping a subway to go get our luggage for the final trip back to LGA.

Battery Park, Lower Manhattan

feeling dizzy?

In all we must have walked 12 or more miles, traveled on no less than 28 subway rides, 1 bus and 2 airplanes.  Every hour of each day was filled to the brim with being busy doing something.  Nice trip, I really enjoyed the weekend, but…. I’m not a city guy and I am very happy to be back home.  No more sirens, trains, or 10’s of thousands of people all coming and going…..

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