Sunday, November 28

Turkey Wrap...

The long holiday weekend draws to a close and I am feeling the fatigue of work.  Feels good too.

Like most people I ate too much for Thanksgiving but was surprised to find I didn’t gain any weight.   It was a nice dinner at Carole’s parents house in Canaan.  The only thing missing was Carole who had to work.  We all missed having her there. 

Part of my strategy was to do my 60 minute workout on the ‘drainer’ down in the pain cave BEFORE eating turkey.  The session called for 2x12 @ Z4 plus some Z3 time – I ended up doing 25’ in Z3.  This way I was running a calorie deficit heading into the meal.


Rest day… well, not really.  Today I need to do my Week 5, Column 3 Day 2 pushups – and finish without needing extra time between sets.  Earlier in the week I needed to add lots of time to get it done.  Not today.  Managed to hit all my sets with only 45 seconds between.  The last set, the Max set, I thought my arms were going to fall off.  If I needed to do 46 instead of 45 to finish, I don’t think I could have made it.  In all I did 185 pushups 19/19/22/22/18/18/22/45 = 185.  Next week is W5-C3-D3.

Turkey Challenge

Coach Patrick came up with this idea that we (EN peeps) should look at the ‘member map’ and group ourselves into teams of 2 or 4 and do a “marathon relay” over the holiday (still need to do the normal workouts too).  I got nobody anywhere near me in Maine, and since I miss my run volume….(I have been missing running since the OS started)...I saw this as my legitimate excuse to crank out some volume.   I was planning on doing the whole 26.2 myself over 3 days but then I saw a post by Coach P.  He was looking for a team – I offered to join. 

Saturday comes

Yesterday I did my weekend bike, but it was after a long run for the turkey challenge. In the AM I went for a run with Sierra (Carole’s daughter) @ 8:52 pace for 4.5 miles until Sierra went back home. Air temp when we started was 26* and it was snowing, adding to the crusty stuff on the sidewalks and road shoulders.  It snowed for the entire run - nice! I finished 9.28 total with a 8:18 pace overall (the second half was @ 7:50). So, legs were toast (in a good way) for most of the afternoon.

Run 9.28 miles, 1:17:00 @ 8:18
8:48, 8:34, 9:06, 9:12, 8:12, 7:54, 7:53, 8:07, 7:13, 2:01 (7:12)

The bike had to wait till the evening around 8 PM before my legs came back enough to ride effectively. Really didn't want to do it either. I thought if I could just get the MS done in the low to middle of my zones I would call it good. Once I got started I managed to overcook the Z4 efforts - that was a surprise after the 9 mile run.

2x12 @ 212/206; 1.06/1.028; 85/83
2x15 @ 169/171; 0.846/0.854; 83/84
Total time 1:17:02 @ 177; 0.883; 77

Needless to say I was feeling like jello by the end. In all it was a great day for work!

Sunday chores

Our woodstove seems to have developed an air leak since last winter.  Once it is going, it takes off and cooks us out of  the house.  So today I had to get a damper and install that.  Up till now it has been fine without a damper – shut the draft and it slows down.  That’s the way airtight stoves are supposed to work.  Guess we don’t have an airtight anymore.  Next up was the snow tires on Carole’s Jeep.  The bummer there was how tight the lug nuts were.  I needed a 3 foot pipe to crank the star wrench to pop those bad boys loose….  The final chore before I could run was the simplest – put some oil additives to the 3 oil tanks to prevent sludge from clogging up the filters.  Finally at 2:15 I could go out and run! Yipee!

Today, instead of the typical interval session, I went for another 9 miler to complete the 26.2 with Coach P and his miles (got an email from Coach saying he logged 8 miles for the challenge). It was a good run, not too much residual fatigue. Managed to fit 2 hot miles in – the first at mile 3 @ 7:36 and  the second was my last at mile 9 @ 7:16 so, it sort of was like a regular workout.

Sunday 9.0 miles, 1:11:36 @ 7:57
8:50, 7:56, 7:36, 8:11, 7:57, 7:45, 8:12, 7:54, 7:16

Turkey Challange
Saturday 9.28 miles, 1:17:00 @ 8:18
Sunday 9.0 miles, 1:11:36 @ 7:57
Coach Patrick 8 miles, 0:58:30 @ 7:19

Team Crooked Pine 3:27:06 @ 7:53  Not too shabby.

Now I am tired. Going to get to bed 2 hours early tonight, for a change.....

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