Saturday, November 13

Saturday brick

Bangor area set a new record high today of 62*, breaking the 1946 high of 61*.  We don't often get nice weather in mid November, let alone it falling on a weekend.  It was a cloudless day with a light NE breeze and low humidity.  There was no way I was going to sweat and drool in the pain-cave on a day like today.

Had a great workout today, but not by the bike numbers I tested to.  They are just too low.  Z4/95-100% should be hard but it just isn’t so.  My work-around? Using a WAG.  Instead of 183, I’m gonna go with 200 for now, tempered by RPE as needed till I retest (maybe this coming week).

The other issue I had were the hills.  Couldn’t figure out how to manage the power swings going up and down with the terrain. 

On the Bike:  FTP=200 (WAG)

#1 – 8:16 @ 1.053, Cd 90
#2 – 8:23 @ 0.996, Cd 90

#3 – 16:05 @ 0.921, Cd 89  over cooked these, oops
#4 – 15:45 @ 0.958, Cd 91

Entire workout 1:19:23
TSS 116, NP 189, IF 0.944, VI 1.1, Cd 85

For the Run:  Z2 @ 7:32; Z3 @ 7:14

10:25 @ 7:53 (uphill)
8:59 @ 6:43 (downhill)

From home the first 1.2 miles has 4 hills, all up.  The first is the steepest and sets the stage.  I know from running this route for years that my real pace for this section is Garmin pace +/- :30 seconds depending on my direction.  So, by my estimation I did hit my targets OK.  Actually, the 6:43 pace coming back was almost easier than the 7:53.

Looking forward to tomorrows run.  I miss running……


Caratunk Girl said...

Hey Steve - I just noticed I am on the "short list" ha ha that is awesome. Now is that because I am 5 ft nothing? ha ha

NICE brick!! My cadence meter is screwed up, I can't see my cadence, it is driving me batty.

I had a swim day yesterday, but WISH it was a riding day. I could have switched them, but I am getting into the groove of the Sat am swim thing.

TreeMapper said...

Yeah, that's it. I don't follow blogs of any people taller than 5' 1". So, as long as you aren't wearing platforms or heels, your good.

I miss the swim. In a few weeks, after I have had a chance to get acclimated, I'd like to get some lessons at UMO.